Renew, Restore, Reinvent, Recalibrate

It is the New Year for many of us. It is a very special season for Jews all over the world.

Some may think it is strange to have a new year in the middle of autumn, but to us this is when the world began.

I have often thought about how wonderful it is to celebrate this way every year.

When I think more specifically about the coming year, I think about another chance to learn and grow, to feel good, to reenergize.

For example, how are you feeling?  How are you moving  these days? You may think that you are moving well enough, or maybe you don’t. You may feel well enough, or maybe you don’t. Do you feel balanced, stable? How do you make choices about your activities? Have you ever thought that you can’t do something anymore, but then you surprised yourself and figured out a new way to do it?

Now is the time to celebrate. To celebrate us, me, you. And now is the time to try something new.

Did you know that I became a Bones for Life® teacher during the pandemic? I had wanted to do the training for a while, and it just seemed right to do it while at home- online. Besides learning the wonderful work of Ruthy Alon, master trainer and teacher, I was able to delve more deeply into understanding our bones and how they serve us. And – importantly – how we need to serve them in later life.

How would you feel about learning, trying new things, reinventing yourself? Making every day a day filled with possibility and renewal?

Come renew with me.

apples in honey

I am teaching one Awareness Through Movement class on Tuesdays at 10:30. Come in person, or online

I also am giving individual sessions.

Love and sweetness for a new year.

Happy New Year,


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