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Group Classes – Individual Sessions – Workshops

We offer individual sessions called Functional Integration®, and group classes called Awareness Through Movement®, as well as Monthly Workshops.

Through taking advantage of one, or all of these, you will learn to:

  • Move with ease and comfort.
  • Identify habitual patterns that cause stress.
  • Learn how let go of excess muscle tension.
  • Move with safety and efficiency.
  • Learn to use curiosity and play to promote learning and creativity.
  • Move forward in life with more confidence!

Take advantage of the great benefits of working with me one-on-one or by attending a group class or workshop.

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Before I went to Beth Rubenstein, I went to physical therapy for a long time but my pain just became worse. I was unable to use my right arm and suffered from terrible headaches.

After my first session with Beth, I still did not believe that I was going to get better. However Beth kept telling me that it takes time and now, I can happily say that she was right. Today, I have no reason to take pain relievers and I have returned to gardening, traveling and taking care of my family, which I could not do before I met Beth.

– Sara Noori


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