Are You Afraid of Your Body?

Dear Beth, How do you feel about your body? People come to me because they hurt, they feel fragile, they feel unbalanced, and they feel anxious about their future. What I find is the many are afraid of their bodies. Often, they have been told by a professional that they “can’t do X anymore” or they “should never do Y … Read More

Renew, Restore, Reinvent, Recalibrate

It is the New Year for many of us. It is a very special season for Jews all over the world. Some may think it is strange to have a new year in the middle of autumn, but to us this is when the world began. I have often thought about how wonderful it is to celebrate this way every … Read More

Everybody Wants the One

  I have been friends with Kevin since I was about 20 years old. I wish I could say that was 10 years ago, but alas, it is more like 50, give or take a year. He has been a wonderful friend through the years, very encouraging to me personally and concerning my business. He has always been a bit … Read More

Easier, Better, Slower

Slower is Faster If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, you know that I will undoubtedly say, “Slowly turn your head (or another body part). Slowly, gently, easily. Not as far as you can, but with ease. Throughout this lesson move slowly and gently.” Newcomers to class might think: What in the world are we doing? What is … Read More

Easy Does It

I recently was working with a lovely colleague and friend, giving a Functional Integration® lesson (that’s the one-to-one, hands-on portion of the Feldenkrais Method®). I was having difficulty moving my student’s leg, so I asked her to “let go,” to let me take the weight of her leg. After a few moments, she responded, “I can’t.” I then asked, “Could … Read More

What have you Learned this Week?

    Sometimes I ask the students in my weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes, “What have you learned this week or in this series?” I get interesting, often answers that I do not expect. Students say, “I don’t know what I learned but I sure do feel better.” Or they say, “ I notice that my foot doesn’t hurt when … Read More

The Feldenkrais Method®- A Practice

Mistakes? Awareness? Learning? Hello, Moshe Feldenkrais said, “Embrace your mistakes. If you want to find the full range of human activity, you have to make many mistakes.” We must make mistakes to grow, to develop, to learn. Yes, we make mistakes. We must. Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? A 10 month old tries to stand, falls … Read More