Curiosity- Can’t live without it.

Be Curious

Stagnation- The state of not flowing or moving. Lack of activity, growth, or development. (Oxford Languages)

Who doesn’t want to grow, love, learn, enjoy life? I am sure nobody reading this right now would say yes to this.
I see curiosity as a gift. It gets me through the day.
It is the sense of wonder that children have.
I love being curious. Sometimes it’s work. Others often think I’m odd.

Here’s a problem that I have. When I walk every day.   Any day, anytime, I can feel that my left shoe is untied. Don’t even say I could double knot it. I know that. This is a curiosity to me. I try to figure it out every day. Why? I have gotten new shoe laces. I’ve used old shoe laces.

You see, I don’t just want the remedy. I want to know WHY? What am I doing differently on the left vs the right. Is it the way I bend to the left to tie it? Is it that I have to use my left hand in a more coordinated fashion?

What is it? What am I doing? I just wonder.

Do you ever ask, why does my back hurt, why do I trip more than I used to? Are you someone who just wants the quick fix it? Or do you want the quick answer from the expert? “You’re old now.”  There you have it.

I like to figure things out. Are there really any answers? Or just more, better questions?

My work is about you (and all of us) Being the Expert on You.We each need to know ourselves, our needs, our wants, out bodies.

Would you like to explore with me?

I am back to teaching three classes a week and I am seeing people individually.

I will be starting a new class, this week, Friday 11/5, in person at the Westchester Recreation Center in Westchester Park. It is free. Spaces are limited due to safety issues. This class is about your bones, balance, and stability. It is slow, fun, and different. Are you curious about how to be comfortable in an upright position, stop falling, be able to get up from the floor? Well, this class is for you. To sign up for this free class contact Cristina at (310)649-3317, do leave a message and she will get back to you.

Ruthy Alon teaching Bones for Life®


What are you curious about? What do you wonder? Send my an email. Tell me.

Stay Curious,

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