Are You Afraid of Your Body?

Dear Beth, How do you feel about your body? People come to me because they hurt, they feel fragile, they feel unbalanced, and they feel anxious about their future. What I find is the many are afraid of their bodies. Often, they have been told by a professional that they “can’t do X anymore” or they “should never do Y … Read More

So This is Learning

I had a “light bulb” moment this week. I am so excited. I can barely compose myself. I want to share this with you. As you know I have been teaching a class every Tuesday morning for many years. Some students come and go and then there is the “core” of this class. I call this class the “curious class” … Read More

What have you Learned this Week?

    Sometimes I ask the students in my weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes, “What have you learned this week or in this series?” I get interesting, often answers that I do not expect. Students say, “I don’t know what I learned but I sure do feel better.” Or they say, “ I notice that my foot doesn’t hurt when … Read More

Curiosity- Can’t live without it.

Be Curious Stagnation- The state of not flowing or moving. Lack of activity, growth, or development. (Oxford Languages) Who doesn’t want to grow, love, learn, enjoy life? I am sure nobody reading this right now would say yes to this. I see curiosity as a gift. It gets me through the day. It is the sense of wonder that children … Read More