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I have been friends with Kevin since I was about 20 years old. I wish I could say that was 10 years ago, but alas, it is more like 50, give or take a year. He has been a wonderful friend through the years, very encouraging to me personally and concerning my business. He has always been a bit confused by what I do now, The Feldenkrais Method,® but still very supportive. He has even sent his mother to local classes. Did I mention that he lives 2,500 miles away from Los Angeles. He lives close to where I grew up. Kevin and I are the same age. We see each other about 2x a year, but we do talk frequently.

Kevin is on my email list (hi Kevin). I found out recently that he actually reads my blogs. He called me after my last one about learning and progress and expressed an interest. I thought that perhaps he could join my online class, but, oh no. He is far toobusy. He asked if I could teach, send him the ONE AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT LESSON that would fix his posture, that would aid in upright standing. After a good laugh I thought about it.

There are probably hundreds of lessons that do just that. How do I choose? I could lecture him about learning taking time or that I don’t fix people, that I create a space where they can learn, that after some time, posture, or the ability to function easier when upright changes. As one becomes more aware of where he is in space, what awareness can do to help someone change, relationships change and one is better able to choose how he stands to move through his world.

Because he is such a good friend, I actually did record three Bones for Life® processes and one Awareness Through Movement® lesson. I sent them to him. I am so interested to hear if he did them and what he thinks, senses, and feels after doing them. I am hoping that these beautiful movements will stimulate him to want more, to learn more, to experience more.

 Unfortunately, one doesn’t change in 30 minutes. We change over many minutes and are continually changing over our    lifetime. I am hardly that 20 year old cocktail waitress I was when I first met Kevin in Washington DC. However, I am still upright, energetic, and able move the way I want to.

Change Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

How about you?

Contact me for any information. I have two classes both online and in person. One is Wednesday at 12:00 PM and the other is Tuesdays at 10:30. They are both an hour. Come to one, come to all. I teach each in a six week series, but you can sign up for just one if you like.
Love to see you here or on my screen.

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