Are you inside or outside the box?

I am frequently asked, “What’s the difference between physical therapy and the Feldenkrais Method?®”  I have several ways to answer this, but today I will talk about the “box.”  I left a traditional, successful physical therapy practice to be a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method.®  I just have to admit that I am an “out of the box” thinker.

I keep growing and learning, as I did as a physical therapist, exploring the very latest research on neurophysiology, anatomy, movement science, disease, and behavior.  As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I know how to use what I learn to assist my client’s learning.  Clients are able to discover how their habits, ways they move, and ways they perceive movement contribute to their wellbeing.  Through movement, clients learn how to move easily, without pain or any discomfort. They learn to increase stability and balance by being aware of where they are in space. They engage in meaningful, functional “movement lessons” geared toward living life the way they choose.

I have been talking to my clients about why they come to me and how they might refer friends to my classes or individual sessions.  Just yesterday, a client and I were having this conversation, and we both had an “aha” moment.  I am out of the box, but so are the clients who come to me!  The clients believe that they have choices, and that their own body can tell them how they feel and what they need. In general, they believe that their diagnosis does not define them.

My clients are able to connect the brain and body, and know that the two cannot be separated. They know that the right big toe is connected to the left shoulder, and the right shoulder for that matter. They know that foot pain does not necessarily start in the foot, and that working only on the foot most likely won’t end the pain. They know that we all get arthritis, stenosis, and more, but we don’t have to hurt or restrict our lives because of these diagnoses. They do not accept that pain, stiffness or decreased balance are just a part of aging.  My clients live their lives with vitality and vigor. They know that while the calendar shows aging as might their x-rays, life goes on. They are in charge of their lives, they don’t succumb to “old age” or that older age means a sad, sedentary life. They have given up on being “fixed” and know that the only choice is to be curious and learn who they are now, and how to be themselves and work with what they have.

They also have learned that, as Moshe Feldenkrais said, “Movement is life, and without movement, life is unthinkable.”  They know the importance of moving and living their lives. They are not afraid of moving and don’t hold themselves stiffly. They move, and sway, and roll, dance, play, and get up and down from the ground with ease.

They are not restricted by other people’s or experts’ expectations.  Instead they are happy, resilient, and ready for life.  They are, as am I, out of the box thinkers. My clients are experts on themselves. I have come to realize that my work is not for everybody.  Where do you fit in here?  Does this way of thinking speak to you?  It is up to you, only you. How you live your life is your choice.

If you chose to stay, let me know how I can help, or guide you.  I will continue my classes on Tuesdays at 10:30 am and Wednesdays at 12:00 pm. I will also continue to work with folks one-on-one.

Contact me and we can figure out, together, how to you can live the life you chose.




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