OK Boomer – and proud of it!

I started a Facebook group for Baby Boomers. The theme is about staying healthy and vital as we age.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/bboomer/

I’m a member of another  group with the same goals. The moderator of that group asked a question. “What in your life right now are you most proud of?” I responded very quickly without much thought and said, “that I have a business that I love and that keeps me stimulated and excited every day, and I make a living at it.” There were many comments in the thread. One person said that he “wore himself out at the gym today and wants to see more improvement.” He plans to “keep pluggin’.”

I found that to be very curious as a life’s dream- to be able to lift more weight or spend more time on a stationary
bike in a gym, hours inside with other bodies breathing heavily.  Don’t get me wrong. I don’t exercise at a gym but I understand people going to the gym to get fit. I would like to think that the exercises in the gym are not the “end game.”  I asked why he goes at all. He and many others responded.  The original man said he would send me the measurements of his arms and legs to show me how much strength he has gained.  My question remained, “How has this changed yourlife, or improved your life?”  I understand improving one’s self image, your feelings about yourself.  If a harder body does that it is wonderful. Personally, I find other characteristics to be more important. Others said that they find comradery at the gym. That works. I think community is very important.

This is clearly a case of “different strokes for different folks.”  I love exercising outside. Others who like the outdoors run, play pickleball, or bicycle. I walk almost every day. I do hills or flats, depending on how I feel that day.

I know the other walkers in my neighborhood. I have met the dogs of the neighborhood.  I love seeing the different trees and flowers. Occasionally I even find a discarded toy that I drag home for my grandson. I love my neighborhood and I feel great. I guess that’s really what is important. Just keep moving. Do what works for you. Learn how to move and how not to get hurt. Stay healthy and vital.

And, if you have trouble moving for any reason, contact me at  hello@bethrubenstein.com or go to Bethrubenstein.com/appointments to schedule a consultation.

“We do not achieve… by repetition, muscle exercising, or by increasing speed and force, buy by widening and refining the cerebral control of the muscle range.”   – Moshe Feldenkrais

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