Is the Neck Bone Connected to the Foot Bone?

Free Your Neck and Shoulders is the name of my upcoming workshop Why do I think it is important to start my monthly workshop series with Freedom of the Neck? I could have begun with Balance (April 3rd), or Posture-stability, Mobility (May 1st), or Sitting in Comfort (June 5th), or Walking: Toe to Head (July 24th).

Well, yes, I could have started with any of them. But I chose to start with the neck because, as you will soon see, if your neck is achy and creaky, if it is stiff, you will find that your balance is just a little, or a lot, off. You will find that your posture is less than comfortable. It is difficult to stand for a rather short amount of time, especially if you are trying to paint, or do dishes, or cook. Of course sitting is difficult too. Try reading or sewing if you neck isn’t at its best. I can see you now, with the pillows propped so you can watch TV, sitting lying, any position. I didn’t even mention sleeping. And then we get to walking. If your neck is held to one side, whether you know it or not, you are putting more pressure on one leg or foot. Your breath may become shallow, making it hard to walk for exercise. And speaking of exercise, it, too, becomes difficult. It is hard to lift weights or do machines at the gym when your neck hurts.

AnatomyAs you can see, your neck bone really is connected to your foot bone, as the old song says. Your neck is so important. It is the top of your spine. It houses blood vessels, nerves, your esophagus, your trachea. Muscles attach to it. Did you know that those muscles aid in breathing, as well as turn your head. Your head sits on top of your neck. If we can’t turn our head, how can we see, hear, smell, taste? How do we know where the food is. The movement of our neck provides us with a sense of orientation, the ability to know where we are, where the food is, where the enemy is where our home is. We must be able to move our head quickly as we attend to our daily life. Try crossing the street, or driving a car if you cannot turn your head. If your neck is stiff, your world becomes very small.

We will be starting with Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders because the ability to move our head independently of our feet, our eyes, our shoulders keeps us secure. I know the importance of being able to move your head safely.

When two doctors told me I needed immediate neck surgery last year after my car accident, I was scared and worried. It is now a year later, I did not have surgery and don’t need it. These movements that I will be teaching you helped me to learn how to allow my neck to heal so that I could live my life with vitality and ease

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