Happy Spring

“Naaseh v’nishma”

We Will Do & We Will Listen

The Vernal Eqinox is upon us this weekend. Important holidays are coming. It is a holy time for Jews and Christians. All of these are a time of reflection and joy.

I would like to wish everyone a spring full of sunlight and growth. This time of year brings me to thoughts about being human, and what we all share. As a matter of fact, I think about being the best human we can be. Allow me to set a stage for a very important moment for these two faiths. We are at the foot of Mt Sinai. Moses has brought the Ten Commandments down to the Israelites. He has given detailed rules. What did the people say? Was it, what we might think? We will listen and we will do?? NO. They said, “we will do and we will listen.” Filled with so much faith in these commandments, they instinctively understood that these were instructions to be followed to the letter. There would be time later to fully comprehend their meaning.

The Cantor at my synagogue, Lonee Frailich, wrote about this a few weeks ago. I paraphrased what she wrote in our temple bulletin about the Torah portion from that week.

These words struck me because, although the people of Israel were not only given tools to act, they were given these laws to help them reach beyond their limitations. The understanding and meaning behind these actions could only come from the experience itself.

What does this bring up for you? This probably sounds familiar to those who engage in awareness and learning. In Awareness Through Movement® we move, and then we learn. We help our students become aware of what they do, of what is happening. We do and while we are doing, we explore, and learn. Moshe Feldenkrais gave us tools to be able to learn more about ourselves, about our possibilities for growth and health, and to live with grace.

HandsIn either a “hands on” or group session, understanding and meaning of our actions comes from the experience of moving being mindful, and connecting the parts. Dr. Feldenkrais taught us that we all, no matter what our situation, ability, difficulty, or disability is, can learn and improve. He taught us that even if we are high level performers, we have more potential to grow.

Moshe Feldenkrais obviously did not invent these ideas. They have been around for thousands of years. He pulled from a lifetime of learning and experience.

Although we strive to learn and do good deeds for others, we must remember to take care of ourselves. Part of helping the world, is helping yourself and staying healthy. Sometimes it is hard to take the time to learn something new. I tell my children, “act as if, and you will see and feel the change.”

Now I am inviting you to do and listen. Experience an Awareness Through Movement® class or an individual session with me. Learn to improve vitality and confidence. Decrease your pain, improve your posture. Come and learn about yourself.

Naaseh v’nishma.

Chag Sameach and Happy Easter!
Beth R

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