Good News, Bad News.. or…

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

First, the bad news.  Many of my clients are off vacationing this summer and that means my practice is a bit slow. And, just like many of you, if I don’t work, I don’t eat; so panic was starting to set in. But before you start a Go Fund Me page, let me tell you the good news.

Having much more free time felt daunting at first, but now I am learning so many new things! I think about how my work is about more than “fixing” people. I am a “practitioner” which means I must “practice” what I know and what I preach. I have to look at myself, at my habits, and how I hold myself back. I am able to look deeper than merely not having pain.

As it turns out I am truly grateful to have this time. It has given me the opportunity to take a five day “visibility Challenge” (for the uninitiated, this helps business people become more visible on Facebook.) It was an amazing exercise in community: several of my colleagues and friends did it with me. There is something to all being in the same boat, learning together, on line, in our own homes. We collaborated regularly. We showed our weaknesses and our gremlins to ourselves and to each other. Not only do I now feel more confident in my marketing, I actually won the grand prize for completing the challenge! But while I am grateful for my Amazon gift card, the pièce do rèsistance is that I will be interviewed live on Facebook about my business later this year with a coach who has 20,000 followers on Facebook! I will be talking about myself and my work and will have some tips and a give- away for those who are listening.

And….it gets better! Because I have the time, I’m going to “summer camp” with one of my favorite Feldenkrais® teachers and mentors, right in the comfort of my own home. These are intense hours of Awareness Through Movement® lessons and discussion which is feeding my passion of 28 years like crazy. How humbling it is to feel, see, and live the enormity of this work!

All this brings me to transformation. What started out as a bleak couple of months has turned into the best growing and learning time ever.  Ah, the delight in discovering that life is not only not over, it’s not even slowing down.

I feel great. I am invigorated and ready for so much more to come. I hope your summer is going well and that you to are growing.

In gratitude, humility, and transformation….     Beth


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