Give Yourself, or Mom, a Gift

I “lead” a walking group from our local park every Friday at 8 AM. We have been walking for @5 years, with some talking off during the pandemic. Of course,  my Teddy walks with me.

I see many other walkers, most seeming to be “baby boomers” like me.

At times Teddy and I are in the rear. Today was one of those days. When we are by ourselves I have the opportunity to notice and observe the others, those not in our group also.

The first thing I noticed was that most walkers, despite their age, were looking downward, and, not at their phones.  They are watching their feet so that they don’t step on a crack or a tree root.

Was I shocked? Not really. Of course since I have been observing movement and working with people for 45 years I fantasized putting my hands on them and bringing their awareness to their posture, balance, and ease of walking. I will say pretty confidently that most, if not all, had no idea about their uprightness. Even if they did, they had no idea about repercussions of this walking style; neck pain, difficulty breathing, curvature of the spine, or increase kyphosis in the upper back, shoulder pain, decreased ability to balance.   I see these people, people like this every day. I want them in my classes so that they can learn about upright balancing and walking .  Stretching, strengthen- no matter where, will not alter this. How to let them know?

I am letting you know.  There is hope, help.

The second class of my “drop in” series will be this Wednesday, at noon  It is a wonderful integration of my two favorite somatic experiences.  We will be doing an Awareness Through Movement® lesson where students get an opportunity to explore habits and then discover new options for these old patterns.  Do you know how you stand? Walk?  Following this lesson students will do a Bones for Life® process where we further explore skeletal strength, how your bones can get stronger, and uprightness.

How do you stand? How do you walk? Where is your head? Where are your eyes looking?

Come join us.  I am also available to individual sessions.

I would love to see you soon.

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