Get Hip!

Do you have happy hips? Most people think if they don’t have pain on the outside of their upper thigh, their hips are happy.

You. may be surprised to learn that your hip is not on the outside of your upper thigh; it is actually closer to your groin.  Pain on the outside of your upper thigh is probably due to over-used muscles that have become tight. You have an imbalance when standing. It’s likely that you are standing on your iliotibial band or one of your other hip muscles rather than standing on your hip joint. Yes, you will have pain, muscle aches, decreased stability, and decreased balance

You may already have been given the standard treatment of stretching and/or strengthening for pain in this area. But while the muscles around one or both hips may show weakness on a strength test there is no evidence that one or any of those exercises will make a difference. You are stretching one muscle in a pattern of movement and you are strengthening the pattern that is causing the problem.  Decreased strength does not cause movement problems…. movement problems cause decreased strength! You must look at your patten. How are you moving or walking, or running, or doing yoga poses?

Is the problem in the pattern coming from your back or your hip. What is the interplay between the back and the hip?

  • How does how you stand on your feet affect your hip and your balance?
  • What does stability on your legs have to do with hip issues and balance?
  • What does mobility of the hip and pelvis have to do with the discomfort and balance?
  • What does how you hold your neck have to do with hip issues and balance?
  • What does how you hold your jaw have to do with hip issues and balance?
  • What does your breath have to do with hip, stability, mobility,  balance issues?

And …… how do all of the above cause discomfort and decreased vitality?

Answering those questions means better balance, better stability, and a much easier time getting up and down from the floor !

These issues will be addressed at my Get Hip with Happier Hips workshop on June 24th.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how your skeleton can be your friend, how to use

it, and how active you can be!

Learn how to stand on your feet to get hip!


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