Are You Moving With Joy?

I was at the gym when a notice for a Pilates class caught my eye.  I was there and thought, why not?  I’m pretty fit; let’s see what this is really about.  After all, who knows?  I might just look like that cute instructor when we’re done, right?  (Hey, a girl can dream…)  I am a movement teacher.  I know how to move.  I felt ready to take on something new.

The warm up was a bit fast for my taste, but I kept up. The leg work also was a little quick for me to feel like I had used myself efficiently, but I was ok.  Everyone around me, however, was huffing and puffing and going “great guns.”  Nobody was smiling.  And the Cute Little Young instructor was, quite frankly, looking less and less cute.

Personally, I like to start a little slower and build up to the hard stuff, but Cute Little Young Instructor had other ideas.  We got to the more intense “core” work, which involved lifting the head and the legs at the same time.  Immediately, my old neck pain returned .

So, I disobeyed Cute Little Young Instructor’s  commands and did the class my way.   Luckily, the pain in my neck pain vanished and didn’t come back, but I couldn’t help wondering what was happening to the necks (and backs, and joints) of my classmates.  Were they working out in spite of pain?

Doing an exercise that is so difficult doesn’t just inflict physical pain, it also causes emotional pain.  Going to a class where you can’t keep up can make you feel like a loser and if you’re uncomfortable, you probably won’t be back.  Who goes in for torture?  Besides, I am interested in the quality of my movement, not the quantity of the sweat it produces.   And I’ve seen too many clients who come in with injuries from classes just like these.

Traditional exercise is about increasing fitness.  It is not about fun or feeling better.  But it doesn’t have to hurt.  If we have the ability to listen to ourselves and to what our bodies are telling us, we can become fit.  Then we cane

Learn to engage in physical activities that you enjoy without hurting yourself. 
Learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Does reclaiming the joy of movement sound interesting to you?  Call me to discuss how you can exercise to be fit throughout your life without hurting yourself. Engage in whatever fitness program you want to, but feel great while doing it.

Would you like to free your head and neck of pain and stiffness?

  • Sit toward the edge of your chair. Feel your buttocks on the chair.
  • Feel your feet on the floor. Allow your arms to rest comfortably on your thighs.
  • Turn your head to the right to where it comfortably goes.
  • Notice what happens to your shoulders?  Does your right shoulder go forward or back as you turn your head to the right?
    What does you L shoulder do?

  • Turn your head and shoulders to the right and back to the middle, several times.
  • Now turn your head to the R again and notice how it moves.
  • Do you turn more with less stiffness and no pain?

This helps you to be aware of HOW you move, not how much.  This little movement lesson can not only free your neck pain.  It can help you understand that being mindful of how you move, you can move more safely and without discomfort.  You are then able to do any exercise program you want to do.     No Pain, More Gain.

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