Doing Anything Different this Year?

I’m not really into resolutions, but, I do want to continue to move forward.  My wish for this year is to “get out of my own way.”

Moshe Feldenkrais once said, “Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.”

Does this resonate with you?

Let me give you an example.  First, you should know this about me:  I’m short.  I mean short short…as in not even five feet tall.

Eight years ago, the heater/air conditioner in my work studio was installed pretty far above my head, so I stood on a stool to turn it on.   One day, I simply stood up on my tip toes, stretched up as far as I could and turned it on.  I thought that was remarkable until last week, when I reached up and didn’t even need to be on my tippy toes or stretch!  I simply turned it on, as if I wasn’t short.  So what changed??

About a month ago, I was the happy recipient of a very special Functional Integration® lesson with an exceptional teacher.  We worked on my ability to be upright and extend my neck and skeleton. Since my auto accident, I have had a tendency to bend my neck and upper spine a bit forward.  The lesson was remarkable and I have continued to learn from it apply it to many daily activities.   The latest, and this is the crux of this explanation, is that the other day, I just walked to the heater, reached up and turned it on! No tippy toes, no big stretch.

Did I grow?  I think not. Did my perception of my height change?  I think so.  Now, I no longer think of myself as that person with chronic neck pain, and I also don’t think of myself as limited by short stature.I feel like I “got out of my own way” by changing my vision of what is possible for me. Do you have beliefs about yourself?  Are these beliefs about your pain or your ability to live the life you envision for yourself?  Do you long for vitality and freedom?  It’s a new year; the perfect time to have new wishes, hopes, and goals.

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“Our only limitation is our belief that it is so.” – Moshe Feldenkrais

Can’t wait to begin a journey of new beliefs and possibilities with you!

Happy New Year,


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