Another Year is Ending. A New Year is Upon Us.

Life seems to have gotten back to normal for most of us. We see our friends. We celebrate. We travel.  And we take care of ourselves. We are learning that “we are the expert on us.”

In my last newsletter I wrote about not being afraid to move. Today I want to remind you that this goes hand in hand with taking care of yourself. Paying attention to you.

Clients who are feeling better have a common question, “Will I have to come here to see you forever?” Of course everyone is an individual and I can’t speak for everyone right here. But, while monthly “tune ups” might be very effective, this is not the goal of the Feldenkrais Method. The goal is for you to learn to take care of yourself.


 How do you do that? It is about attention and awareness. And these  happen by listening- to you.

How do you “pay attention?” You learn to think, feel, sense, move. This is called “Awareness.” This is what you can learn in Awareness Through Movement® classes.
Lack of awareness affects all parts of our lives: our whole nervous system, our stress level, our aches and pains, our digestion, and our ability to move and be balanced.
Awareness does not mean that you dwell on what isn’t working. Conversely, it means that you focus on what does work for you, what is happening in yourself – whether it be good or not so good. We learn how to observe what is working and what is not working. We feel ourselves and the best part is that we learn to change what we choose to change. Everybody is different, and each of us has different needs.

This is what can be learned in Awareness Through Movement® classes – the group sessions that I teach weekly. Movement is our modality. You get the opportunity to figure out how to be aware by exploring slow, easy, safe movements and then listening to how they affect you.

I would love to see you at my upcoming Awareness through Movement series, either in person, or on line. Come and learn about yourself and your needs. Come and explore your old habits and learn new options for movement and for being you.

Class starts on Tuesday, January 3rd. Each series is 6 weeks. Contact me for more information, or sign up here.

This series will be a delightful mix of old favorites and new, exciting Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Some will be easy and familiar and some will be more complex. We meet at 10:30 for one hour

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Let’s all bring in some light to ourselves and to the world.

I would like to wish you and your family love during this special season and throughout the new year.

I appreciate the support you have given me this year. I would not be here without you. I am so grateful. You are very special to me.

Hope to see you soon,

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