Weekly Class
Awareness Through Movement®

Classes are taken weekly, in small groups of 2 to 8

  • Students are led through a series of choreographed movement sequences called “lessons”.
  • Lessons range from basic to more complex patterns
  • Lessons are done lying down or sitting at a pace that is appropriate for you.

Days:        Tuesdays 10:30 to 11:30
Level:       Appropriate for all levels
Series:     $105 for a series of 6. Series is ongoing.
Drop-in:  $25 for “drop in.”

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Feel better than you have for a long time


Tips on coming to your first class

•  Wear comfortable clothes for movement. Layers are good.
•  Be prepared to lie on the floor on my mat, or yours, or both.
•  Be prepared to participate in a class unlike any class that you have experienced before with no stretching or strengthening.
•  Be prepared to move in ways that you have not thought about since you were a baby, or teenager, or that you have never thought about before.
•  Be prepared to move only with ease and comfort.
•  Be prepared to honor your limitations and explore them. As you increase abilities, you will find that pain decreases.
•  Be prepared to relax and move at the same time. You will learn what “slowly” and “gently,” decreasing pain really means.
•  Be prepared to laugh and have fun.

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